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Rasa Sayang, or "Feeling of Love" in Malay language is a popular folk song sung in Malaysia and also in other countries within the Malay archipelago which also includes Indonesia, the Sultanate of Brunei, Singapore and East Timur. The lyrics of this folk song, Rasa Sayang, and its English translation can be found by clicking here.

In Sanskrit, the word "Rasa" means Full of Essence. In every dish offered from our kitchen is restaurant it is our mission to serve our customers with authentic food that offers full essence in flavour and tastes. The word "Sayang" is Loving Dearly" in Malay language. It is our desire that you also love the food served to you as well.

For customers who are adventurous and like to taste spicy hot asian and indian-influenced foods, we offer many choices of dishes that are marinated with spices originated from South East Asia, particulary from Malaysia. We pride ourselves on accomodating any special requests from our guests.

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